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  • T-Shirt Printing Basics: Heat : 21 de Junho de 2011
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« em: 21 de Junho de 2016, 01:54:46 »

If you want to be unique, then have a printed T-shirt that is one of a kind. You can do this by making your own design that will clearly state who you are and what you want to express to the world. After having the design, you can embed it on a shirt of your color either by two main processes, namely; Using a heat press or screen printing. Each of this process of printing a shirt comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us run through them:heat transfer machine

Heat Press. heat press machine manufacturers is a machine that will literary press a design on a t-shirt. The high temperature and pressure that a heat press will exert will make sure that any design that you put on a shirt will stay on even after numerous washes. Although there are transfer designs that you can print on a shirt using an ordinary flat iron, they will not stay as long as those embedded by a heat press. An advantage of using heat press is that you can use photographic materials as your design and you can print a shirt without being too messy.

If you are using vinyl letters or cut-outs, you cannot overlap them since their colors will mix together. Another disadvantage of using heat press is that you need to have a cutter plotter machine to eliminate the extra paper that is not part of the design. A t-shirt with a heat pressed design will also be bulkier and feel heavier as compared to a screen printed shirt. This is because part of the transfer paper is also being embedded on the shirt.

Screen Printing. This is the oldest and probably still the most widely used method of printing a design on a shirt. This involves a stencil or design that is applied to a mesh. The ink that is used will only flow on the open areas of the stencil and therefore be permanently placed on the shirt. This method is best when you have to print large quantities of shirt with single or two-colored designs. Another advantage of a screen printed shirt is that it is lighter than that of a heat pressed one. This is because only the textile paint is being embedded on the shirt. If done properly, a screen printed design will last a very long time and can withstand even the washes of an industrial washing mug heat press machine.

One disadvantage with screen printing is that you need a separate stencil and mesh for every color of your design. Because of this, the design that you can print using screen printing may be limited as compared to using heat press. Another disadvantage of screen printing is that it may cause a mess since you are handling textile paints and inks which can spill or run on your shirt especially if you do not apply it carefully.

Whatever technique of printing you choose, having your own design on your shirt will make you stand out from the crowd.
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