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  • MontBlanc Boheme Bleu White Fo: 07 de Novembro de 2011
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MontBlanc Boheme Noir Golden Rollerball
MontBlanc Boheme Noir Golden Rollerball$733.00  $89.00Save: 88% offMontBlanc Boheme Doue Ligne Ballpoint Pen
MontBlanc Boheme Doue Ligne Ballpoint Pen$737.00  $87.00Save: 88% offMarlene Dietrich Special Edition Limited Rollerball
Marlene Dietrich Special Edition Limited Rollerball$1,116.00  $96.00Save: 91% off
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MontBlanc Boheme Bleu White Fountian Pen
 <a href="" ><img src=""  alt="MontBlanc Boheme Bleu White Fountian Pen"  jqimg="images//montblanc04_pen_/Boheme-Fountain-Pens/MontBlanc-Boheme-Bleu-White-Fountian-Pen-2.jpg" id="jqzoomimg"></a>
MontBlanc Boheme Bleu White Fountian Pen
$696.00  $92.00Save: 87% off
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    Montblanc Boheme of  Mont blanc Boheme pens introduces the first new writing collection since 1924. Its design includes the elements of contemporary fashion, a combination of traditional European art and the European level of technology.The Montblanc Boheme with the trademark white star on the top and the Montblanc hallmark of triple gold bands. The collection clever use of synthetic onyx, sapphire, ruby, emerald colored gemstones in fountain pen, rollerball, ballpen and mechanical pencil.
our Montblanc pen shop commits to service our customers in the most respectful and appreciative manner. We are dedicated to bringing you the best Mont Blanc Pens For Sale we can find, at the best prices we can offer. We hope you find what you are looking for here and invite you to contact us here if you have any question.
 * Writing System: Cartridge fountain pen (no converter)
  * Nib: Hand-crafted rhodium-plated 18 K gold nib
  * Nib Widths: M
  * Barrel: 925 sterling silver with wave pattern, forepart in black precious resin
  * Cap: 925 sterling silver with wave pattern inlaid with Mont Blanc emblem
  * Trim: Three rings in 925 sterling silver with embossed Mont Blanc brand name
We provide kinds of other style pens, If you like,you can view more here.Mont Blanc Pens;Mont Blanc Refills;Mont Blanc Meisterstuck;Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pens;Mont Blanc Fountain Pens;Mont Blanc Roolerball
[url=]/montblanc04_pen_/Boheme-Fountain-Pens/MontBlanc-Boheme-Bleu-White-Fountian-Pen-3.jpg<a target="_blank" href=""> <a href="" ><img src="" width=650px alt="/montblanc04_pen_/Boheme-Fountain-Pens/MontBlanc-Boheme-Bleu-White-Fountian-Pen-4.jpg"/></a>
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