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War is peace

It seemed like an auspicious debut: The new magazine Hi was just off the presses and it generated heavy buzz. It was glossy. It was young. It was fresh and hip and just a little bit sexy. The multimillion dollar launch across 14 countries got headlines worldwide. State Department that seemed to be good news, because Hi is a government publication issued to win hearts and minds in the Arab and Muslim world. campaign to convince citizens of Arab and Muslim countries to look a little more favorably on the United States. Critics have called it propaganda press reports from the Middle East have suggested that much of the young adult target audience finds it laughable. All of which suggests that it will have little impact in offsetting long held negative attitudes toward the United States suspicions worsened almost universally by the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. United States lost the propaganda war a long time ago, Rampton told Salon, citing the wisdom of an Arab American news executive. could have the prophet Mohammed doing their public relations, and it wouldn help.

That hasn stopped the Bush administration from trying. Last Thursday, the White House announced its plan to launch a round the clock television station, a competitor to the al Jazeera network albeit with a slightly different perspective. Congress has approved $32 million to fund the project, with another $30 million to follow soon.

But to Stauber and Rampton, projects like Hi and the new TV station prove only that the Bush administration understands neither the Middle East nor the art of communication. Aided by Roger Ailes flag waving crew at the Fox network and the timidity of the mainstream press, the propaganda campaign at home has been relatively effective, they say. But though Bush doesn seem to realize it, the Middle East isn Texas. Across the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world, people loathe America for its Israel policy and for its decades of manipulation and arrogance. No glossy magazine or advertising campaign is going to change that. What might work, Stauber and Rampton say, is having a real dialogue with the Middle East not just talking, but listening, too. sentiment that the Bush administration abruptly discovered in the Muslim world after Sept. 11, 2001. It starts with the story of Charlotte Beers, former chairwoman and CEO of two of the world top ad agencies, J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy Mather. to really branding foreign policy.

Efforts like these eventually cost $1 billion a year. Where did the money go?

A $5 million failed Values advertising campaign was Ray Ban aviator a typical Beers project. Meant to be broadcast in Islamic countries, the Values ad prominently featured a woman running in shorts. Deemed offensive to Muslims, the ad was not permitted to be broadcast on many important television stations in Egypt and other largely Islamic countries.

Another Beers idea was Radio Sawa, a station playing music by corn fed American superstars. Radio Sawa broadcasts plenty of pop, but also features hourly news with a distinctly pro America perspective. Rampton and Stauber admit that Radio Sawa has had a certain level of popularity but they say that most of its audience simply tunes out the talking.

Early this year, polls by Ray Ban outlet new york the Pew Research Center indicated that the United States public image had plummeted around the globe, including in the Arab countries targeted by Beers and her diplomacy crew. When Egyptians were asked in the poll if they had a view of the United States, only 6 percent said yes.

With her campaign subject to critical harpooning, Beers resigned in March of this year, citing reasons. Much of the media was surprisingly explicit in calling her State Department work a failure.

Much of the research for of Mass Deception came from their Web site, PR Watch, and Ray Ban outlet store locations their an of propaganda about relations firms, think tanks, industry funded organizations and industry friendly experts. Previous joint projects by the former investigative journalists include the books Us, We Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future and Sludge Is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry.

Rampton and Stauber spoke with Salon by phone from Madison, Wis. They explained why American pop radio isn going to prevent future al Qaida attacks, how the Pentagon may be falling for its own propaganda, and why Bush turned the on terror into the war in Iraq. and propaganda?

Sheldon Rampton: From the very outset, public relations was steeped in propaganda, but the term relations sounds less offensive to most ears, so it the term they prefer. Public relations is constantly looking for new euphemisms for itself, because every term they use for it eventually becomes synonymous with manipulation or deception in the public eyes.

So they come up with other terms, like relations or management or management.

What does a manager or, more specifically, Charlotte Beers do?

Rampton:They spend their days planning propaganda. and its policies in a more favorable light. That description of their task is not terribly different from the way most scholars would define propaganda. efforts of Charlotte Beers in Arab and Muslim countries. Can you describe her tenure in the State Department a bit here?

Rampton: Charlotte Beers task was not to promote the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. Her specific task was to create a more favorable impression of the United States overseas, especially in Arab and Muslim countries.

Charlotte Beers work was a good example of the limits of propaganda as a form of communication. It one of the myths about propaganda that it some all powerful force that can hypnotize people into accepting things that they wouldn otherwise believe.

Propaganda is sometimes successful at deceiving people, but oftentimes it much less successful at influencing its target population than it is at helping the propaganda team deceive themselves. I think Charlotte Beers campaign is an example of that.

Every quantitative indicator that anyone has shows that her campaign, rather than helping, probably contributed to the decline of public opinion regarding the United States. Several of her campaigns became objects of ridicule.

The approach of her campaign that you can America is something that bound to attract resentment. It contains a Ray Ban aviator number of undemocratic assumptions about how communication should happen.

America What does mean, in regards to a country?

Rampton: Charlotte Beers was an expert in management. Branding, in general, is the idea of getting people to associate emotional values with the product or idea cheap Ray Ban outlet you trying to sell.

This is what advertisers are always saying in one form or another. the sizzle, not the steak. They try to get you to buy an automobile, not because it is a form of transportation, but because it makes you feel powerful. Or it makes you feel sexy. They try to sell things on the basis of these emotional reactions that they trying to get you to develop.

That manipulation is tremendously successful in a lot of cases, right?

Rampton: It is successful in advertising. But the problem Charlotte Beers was facing when she did her campaign was that she was trying to communicate to an audience that was much more hostile and likely to view with suspicion everything she was trying to communicate.
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