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  • Cable Extension Education Pro: 20 de Setembro de 2011
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« em: 20 de Setembro de 2016, 06:58:45 »

heating cable extension into China, the impression is refreshing. Single conductor heating cable on brand positioning in the middle market, but the price of education and industry tilt larger, cost-effective, and is an extension cable to the projector while production and R & D, Whiteboard And Video booth Teaching equipment and other related companies to use strengths to provide integrated resources for the education industry, a full set of multimedia Solutions . With the "distance education project in rural primary and secondary schools," basically completed the purchase, which also marked the largest in recent years, the procurement of teaching the basic end, the industry has begun to explore the next hot spot in the procurement of education where.double-conductor heating mats
 that: "In the future procurement of a hot projector education may appear in the following areas:

First, the field of general education. Chinese school Information Further advance the education process, are not yet equipped with projection equipment for primary and secondary education will become an important educational projector buyers. Especially in some of the economic is not very developed areas, primary and secondary education information to delay some of the popularity of the process.

Second, vocational education in the field. In recent years, China Vocational Education Developing very rapidly, but subject to funding issues, information technology education facilities, relative to other terms of education, lagging behind the market demand is an objective, therefore, contains a huge market opportunity.

Third, the social training. Training institutions in society's demand on the projector showing a certain trend. In particular, some foreign language, Computer And other training institutions, with strong economic strength, can be expected in the near future China will become the new projector market growth. "

Recently introduced a cost-effective extension twin conductor heating cable compatible with optical touch Whiteboard projector, cost-effective, excellent quality. Especially suitable for teaching foreign languages, computers, education and other training institutions. SOTO Optical Cable Extension projector optical touch sensor system, is a new leader in the projector can be touched new favorite, just a projector, interactive whiteboard functionality can be achieved, can replace the traditional blackboard and chalk the high dust operate Environmental protection Health, but also can save to buy whiteboard budget for digital teaching and classes in the integration of programs through more choice, soto projector can touch any place (such as white walls, soft and hard screen, rear projection screen) have become a touch screen, simple operation and strong interaction. No white board with the traditional mouse with a wireless electronic pen to achieve complete, you can combine a variety of Software And electronic courseware, ppt interactive demo can be realized, can be endorsed in the ppt to image form and save, easy to carry, not the screen size of the size constraints, can be used in teaching, medicine, business, military, construction and other industries use to put teaching at the music, ultra-environmental protection, good health, high interaction, sharing joy

Cable extension focus on the future of the Chinese market, the implementation of far-sighted policy of localization of manufacturing, to international quality projector carefully orchestrated variety of practical models for various occasions. And provide high quality products and excellent after sales service.
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